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We are not only helping people in their travel plans, we are also helping them in fulfilling their financial and business goals. We are associated with Trade Commission and Banks who providing expert advice in Foreign Trade, Travel Loans, Career Opportuni

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    VISA & Immigrations Work

    A work permit visa is necessary whether you are planning a relatively short stay, just a few months, but want to find employment whilst overseas, or whether you are thinking about a longer term move.

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    Foreign Employment Assistance

    Believe it or not, working with an overseas staffing agency can make finding positions offshore and overseas a much simpler and more efficient process. For these reasons and many more, it makes a lot of sense to work with overseas recruitment agencies.

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    Study Abroad Program

    Learn Practical Skills And Become Eligible For An Internship And To Apply For OPT. Achieve Your Professional Goals With VSKs Rigorous Programs. Guidance From Expert. Rigorous Coursework. Smaller Class Sizes.

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    PR & Relocation Services

    PR Relocations is an independent establishment that has a vast amount of experience in the relocation industry. Our foundation rests on immaculate performance for over a decade, which is evident through our commitment and absolute devotion towards quality, meted out to both individual parties and the corporate sector alike.


Videsh Seva Kendra and its nation-wide network will help all the people who wishes to achieve their foreign travel dreams in the best possible and at affordable cost.

Tourism & Leisure

Dreaming of pristine beaches and glittering seas? The fresh ocean breeze cooling you down as you laze about on a remote island.

Business Trips

As the global demand for travel and leisure services grows, the industry must keep up with customer expectations in a digitally connected world.

Study Abroad Travel Plan

“Study abroad” is a chance to pursue your college studies in a foreign country. Students attend lectures or carry out research at a foreign university or through their home university's study-abroad program. Participants typically live in a residence hall, apartment, or with a local family through a homestay.

Work Abroad Ambition

The survey conducted by HSBC of more than 22,000 of its expatriate staff revealed that Germany was top of the list for those looking to further their careers during 2019, overtaking Sweden and Switzerland to be rated as the best place in the world to work overseas for the first time.

Permanent Residency in a different country

There are many options out there when seeking help with your Visa Application. We feel we can offer you the very best when it comes to immigration and visa services. We work with only licensed and experienced immigration professionals who have handled thousands and thousands of visa cases and know how to get the job done.

Relocation to other Country with family

Going to live abroad, whether for professional or other reasons, needs to be planned and organized ahead of time, especially where there are children involved.

Inbound Travel Services

Let's see what the possibilities are. According to the UN World Trade Organization, there are three kinds of tours - domestic, inbound, and outbound - and thus three kinds of tour operators who hire tour directors.

Work in Canada, Europe, and Australia!

Grab the opportunity to work in your ideal country. IT Sector, Malls and Hotels. Job comes with promising salaries, provisions to get PR.

Schengen Europe Work Opportunities

Avail Temporary Residency and PR in countries like Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Malta, Croatia, and Romania with salaries that starts from 800 euros up to 1700 euros. Jobs are available in


We are supported with a strong backend team that has worked for many years in prestigious VISA institutes and have served the embassies as an integral part. Our VISA success rates are 100% and we wish to retain this success rate forever.