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Because it involves putting significant geographical distance between yourself and the children's grandparents, uncles and aunts, etc., moving abroad means losing your extended family framework and points of reference. And because it also means being a long way away from friends, the family finds itself all on its own, restricted to just the parental couple and the children. Not everybody finds this an easy situation to cope with, and this is especially true in the cases of families that lead a very full social life in their country of origin. You therefore need to make sure you build a network of social connections in the new country.  The family will need to learn to make new acquaintances, and each individual member will need to make their own new friends, be it at school, at work or as part of the process of participating in sport or leisure activities. What's absolutely essential at the beginning of the process of moving abroad is that the family is able to communicate, that each individual member can tell the others what they feel and think. Getting started with a move to a foreign country is not easy and straightforward, which is why it's important to be able to talk to each other, especially in families in which one partner works and the other doesn't. Things can prove to be more difficult for the non-working partner in such circumstances.